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Ali Shadle?

I'm a Graphic Designer/Web Developer with a bold curiosity toward activism. I created Urthlabs because I believe everyone wants to help change the world. They just need to be reminded of how. Urthlabs is a collection of revolutions, small and large social changes, and stories/interviews of courageous men and women who saw an injustice and took action to change it.

No matter what your discipline (i.e. graphic design or web development) you can leverage your skillset to help make the world a better place. Included on Urthlabs is a page entitled "Tutorials" where I show you how I designed and built each issue.

It's not a question of if you want to help change the world. It's a question of, "How are you changing it?"

Below is an article I wrote about grieving with others published in Grief Digest Magazine and it is another example of what I believe and how I got there.

Have a great day!

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